Thursday, August 31, 2006

Blog Day 2006

Today is Blog Day! It's a very cool concept - you blog about five new (to you) blogs, and thus give your readers a chance to discover something new. I'll pick the five newest additions to my rss-reader.

1. I Lilla Myzans Kök
This is in Swedish, but as Lena happens to be one of my best friends, I can't neglect it, can I? Lena is a great cook, and I'm so happy she's decided to move into food blogging. (She's had a normal blog for quite a while now.) And if you can't read Swedish - well, look at the pictures, that will by the way get better and better since I know Lena has a lovely new camera, and if you see something you like, write her and I'm sure she'll translate the recipes. (Hey, if enough people write, maybe we can pursuade her to blog in English!)

2. An Open Cupboard
Shelly's blog is fairly new to me, but I'm an avid fan - especially since I met Shelly last weekend! She's visiting Stockholm for work, but is usually situated in the San Fransisco area.

3. Cupcake Bakeshop
Oh my god. Just cupcakes. And millions of them. Beautiful, beautiful little cakes. If this doesn't inspire you to get baking, nothing will.

4. Candy Addict
It's all about the candy here! Brian writes about candy - several times a day. And don't miss his classic post about top ten grossest candies of all times. It's great.

5. Rolling in the dough
So, the Baklava Queen has been around for a while, but I hadn't noticed it until one of my readers alerted me to her. Great posts - she writes very nicely, and good photos.

Now I can't wait to see what everyone else reads! So, if you feel so inclined, join Blog Day and tell us about five new blog finds!


Sam said...

shelly is a doll, she won one of my menu for hope prizes last year and I am lucky enough to have met her too.

Shaun said...

Hi Anne, I have really enjoyed your blog since I discovered food blogs; consequently I have written about your blog in my list of top 5 blogs that are new to me. I'm still having trouble figuring out how to link, but I will resolve that issue this weekend. Your blog is truly great!

Anne said...

Sam, she told me that you guys had met, but not that she one of your prizes, very cool :)

Shaun - thank you, that's great! :)

Lena said...
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Lena said...

Anne thank's for linking to me, I could sure need more readers, as of now I belive you and my mom are the sole ones. As Anne said, I do not mind at all to translate if someone is interested.

Anya said...

Hi Anne
We didn't hear about this in my blogosphere, but I figured better late than never. I added your site, the cupcake site (yum, cupcakes!) and a couple of ones that are relatively new to me.

chockylit said...

Thanks for the mention! I appreciate it :)

Candy Guy said...

Thanks for the mention!!!!


shelly said...

I'm turning several shades of purple :). Thanks Anne, and Sam, for your kind comments!
I'm actually writing this from the airport in Chicago, and I miss Stockholm already :(.

Hej da!