Monday, July 31, 2006

Peach Salsa

Yes, another peach recipe! Peaches are really coming into season, and they're easy to find. If you can't find good peaches, nectarines will work just as well. They should be ripe, but not overly so. You want some firmness - and juicyness is not really a necessity for this recipe. It's excellent with grilled meat, and goes fabulously with salty food. Add a bit of minced garlic for variation!

Peach Salsa

2 peaches
1/2 red onion
200 ml thick greek or turkish yogurt
2 tbsp mango chutney
salt, pepper

Chop the peaches coarsely. Dice the red onion very finely. Stir everything together, and season with salt and pepper.



Kevin said...

What are you serving it with?

Anne said...

Kevin, tonight we had it with grilled pork and grilled asparagus. Yummy!

Dianka said...

Yummy, this would be so delicious with the kebabs I'm making tonight, thanks for the idea!

Joe said...

Lots of fresh peaches here - this sounds so good!

Jeanne said...

Hi Anne

Tried to e-mail you from 2 separate e-mail addresses last night but have no response so not sure you heard from me!! I did send you an address on Saturday - not sure why you didn't get it. Here it is again:

Gerda Haunschmid
Ottensheimer Straße 112/2
4040 Linz

You will know what to do with it (wink!). Pls remove this comment when you've read it so as not to spoil the fun...

Eszter said...

Dear Anne,

Now the the perfect time has come to congratulate you on your great blog which I found some time this year and have been following ever since. I also read all your archives and love your style with food. I'm not much of a cat person, sorry, I hope you'll still welcome a reader from Budapest. I haven't commented yet because reading the comments on your blog sets me off the right track, namely I cannot get back to the original post. Has anyone else noticed this problem? But now dash all the technicalities, I do want to let you know that this peach salsa sounds just great. Just as the apple tzatziki tasted some months ago. Btw, have you ever wondered what makes one a salsa and the other tzatziki? Isn't this the type of question a food blogger should contemplate day in and day out...

Anne said...

Eszter, welcome here! :) Sorry to hear about the tech problems - what exactly happens? You should always be able to get back by choosing "Show Original Post" - or at least I think so! :) Good question about the salsa/tzatziki! Heh! I hadn't thought about it, but now it'll keep me up ;)

Much welcome - even if you don't like cats much, that's fine ;) Hope you'll enjoy when I finally get around to my new years foodie resolution - making a cake that's in Swedish called "budapest-rulle".

Anonymous said...

Dear Anne, thanks for having me! In fact, there is a "HOME" button under the comments but it takes me back to the front page, currently the Upside Down Banana Cake (which incidentally looks fabulous even if I've had my share of banana-related cakes during my efforts to use up almost-stale banana that my kids don't eat quickly enough) and not to Peach Salsa. But is there any problem in the world left if I bother you about such a trife? So don't worry one bit, especially if I'm the only one to drag on about it. Budapest-rulle should definitely come up some time! And I'll send you a Starbucks muffin recipe from Good Food if you haven't seen it yet.

Anonymous said...

Well, I'm not that anynomous. The above comment is from: Eszter

Anne said...

Ezster, there should be a button not under the comments, but on the same page as "leave a comment", near the top, on the left hand side - "show original post". No? Weird!

Starbucks muffin sounds great - I'd love the recipe :)