Saturday, July 29, 2006


I should have posted these pics long ago. They're taken at Gondolen restaurant, where I had dinner with my sister and her friends for my sister's "hen party". She got married in June - it was absolutely lovely. The hen party was nice as well. The restaurant has an absolutely spectacular view! And the food was great! Gondolen is one of Stockholm's more famous restaurant, and it's well worth a visit. I suggest you bring someone else to pay though, as it's *quite* expensive.

Most of us had strawberry daiquiris...

...except Annika who went for a delicious-looking Mojito.

We all got a tiny cup of Gazpacho as an amuse-bouche

And then I ate lamb. Or more exactly: Fillet of lamb with truffel jus, artichoke and potato cake with cottage cheese. Yum.

Stadsgården 6
104 65 Stockholm
08-641 70 90

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Fru Forsberg said...

Jodå, för allan del. Det var riktigt gott allting. Synd att "du vet vem" var med. Det hade varit ännu godare annars...