Friday, June 02, 2006

Strawberry Wine Cooler

It's totally summer. Or well, at least according to the calendar. I shouldn't complain - at 7 am, the sky is looking bright and clear, and the sun is.. at least not hiding out somewhere. So, hey, let's make a nice summery drink today!

This is a very simple mix of halved strawberries, a cheap white wine, and liberal amounts of Sprite Zero. Not much to it. Not very sophisticated. But it's very refreshing, and for me - very summery.

(Oh, and the glasses? Fairly new, and I really like them - they're made by Iittala and called Verna Maxi. They have a really good grip to them, and a pretty heavy feel.)

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Pille said...

Iittala is wonderful - the Finns surely excel in modern design:) Once I move back home and start buying stuff for my kitchen (i.e. end of this year), most of it will probably be Iittala:) Have you seen their stripy Origo range?