Tuesday, June 06, 2006

My orange tree

I didn't show you this yet, did I? It's one of my birthday presents - from my aunt - a little orange tree! It's very cute, and I sure hope I don't kill it. I'm not very good with plants. This lives outside, and produces.. well, some sort of citrus. I ate one - it's edible, but very sour. The peel was tasty though, I think it'd probably be fine in some kind of marmalade. If I get enough fruits, that is!


Shelly said...

My sister gave me a small citrus tree, and this sounds crazy, but it was doing horribly until I put it in my bathroom...I have a big window with lots of light and I think it likes the steam from the shower. It thinks its home in the tropics or something!

Cerebrum said...

I'm so glad you're admitting you don't have a green thumb Anne - somehow some of the people around me seem to think that because I can cook, I can also keep plants - and that is SO not true! I once killed a cactus... geez! Cute tree there, hope you can keep it alive!

Anonymous said...

Hi Anne, your orange tree looks a lot like a cumquat - great news if you like marmalade as make great marmalade. They are also great in a tagine (http://gourmet.ninemsn.com.au/gourmettraveller/recipes/db/gourmettraveller/07/779.asp)
Cheers, Tracy

Anonymous said...

Such a cute tree. Since i'm in Southern California I see them in yards all over my neighborhood. But I don't have one of my own.

I hope your's survives!