Monday, June 19, 2006

Cyberchef #3

Ok, so I finally managed to get my entry in! This time, however, most of you won't get to read it, since it's in Swedish. Cyberchef - or Cyberkocken - is a Swedish version of Paper Chef, and thus, I've placed it on my Swedish blog. (That is usually just a place to put translated recipes.) But at least I will tell you about it.

This month's chosen ingredients were asparagus, lamb, phyllo dough and dark chocolate. How to combine? Well, the odd one out is really the chocolate - the rest is easy enough. I decided to try what has long been on my mind - a red wine sauce with chocolate. I did a decent version, with plenty of chili to spice it up, and it was nice with the lamb. (Which I grilled and sliced thinly.) Nice, but not *that* special. So I won't give you the recipe. (Unless you know Swedish, in which case you can go read it already.)

For the other two ingredients, I made an asparagus risotto (very simple, basic risotto with lots of asparagus and lemon juice) and placed into tiny little phyllo baskets. That was a hit indeed, I'd love to make that again. It makes a great little finger food, that can be eaten in one or two bites. Perfect!


The Öbergs said...

Risotto in phyllo cups?!?! I would have never thought of something so creative. I love it!!!

Kinna Jonsson said...

...and I really like the idea with chocolate in the sauce. I have read about it but never tried it myself. =)

Anonymous said...

Looks delicious! Especially the phyllo cups with risotto. Risotto is such a tasty yet simple dish, especially when made with asparagus. Yummie.. And the idea of serving it in cups made of phyllo dough is excellent! And very cute - always important when it comes to food.. : )

Toronto1 said...

Excellent presentation. It also looks yummy.
Congrats on your winning the Cyberkocken.