Tuesday, May 09, 2006


I was at my friend Anna's house the other day, and she had some really great treats. First, the gorgeous cake you see above.. it's like a Princess Cake in that it has regular cake layers and a marzipan lid, but it had some kind of chocolate filling rather than the usual vanilla-and-cream. Delicious!

And then Anna made her famous nut roll with hand-picked raspberries. Aaaah. This was so yummy! If you all ask very nicely, maybe I'll get permission to post the recipe some time :)

The moving is coming along, we're taking over small things as fast as we can...


Anonymous said...

MMMM The nut roll is very interisting! Do you ask to Anna to post her recipe about it?:)
Bye from Rome

Pene said...

Please ask Anna, very nicely, (with a cherry on top) for the nut roll recipe. I love raspberries! I think all your readers are looking forward to hearing that you've settled into your new home.

Anonymous said...

The princess cake is beautiful! I like the natural color better than that typical green color. And the nut roll sounds very intriguing!

Anonymous said...

The cakes look fabolous.
Good luck with the move Anne!

Regards from the foggy Dublin.

Ana María E.

L said...


just came across your blogg... i think we might have some things in common... :)