Saturday, May 13, 2006

Supersize me! Or, my house.

Ok, an update on the move. We're just about done! All furniture, all stuff, all cats are safely stowed in the new house. There are some small things left in the apartment - some light fixtures, and curtains. Nothing we can't take care of in an hour. Everything else - done. The kitchen is all unpacked and ready to go - I did cook last night (pasta with bacon and cheese sauce, took me all of ten minutes) but I look forward to more organized cooking again.

Tonight, I'm blogging from my parents home, since we won't have our computers up and running for quite a while. Mom has cooked an amazing-smelling lasagna, it'll be so good to have some real food. Because... as for the title of this post, I hate to admit it, but in the past four days, I think I've eaten at McDonalds 6 times... Well, when a girl is really hungry and all her stuff is in boxes... yeah.

A huge thanks to Per's parents and to Lena and Nico who helped us move today. You all did a great job!


Anonymous said...

Hej Anne!
How nice that you found a house in Stockholm and that the move went smoothly. The first sentence I learned when studying Swedish here in Texas was: "Det är inte lätt att få en våning i Stockholm." I'm glad you found a place!

Toronto1 said...

Hey Anne

I hope everything went okay on your move and that you get settled easily. One thing I have to stay away from is McDonald's because of kidney stones. I have had to change my diet a bit and drink more water.
So take care.

Anonymous said...

Hi Anne,

Congratulations on the move! Wishing you all the best!

Anonymous said...

Gratulerer med nytt hjem!! Håper dere har hatt en fin helg.

Kevin said...

Congrats on the move!