Friday, February 03, 2006

Foodie Gifts: Australian Spice Pack

I just got a huge package from Australia! It's from Noodle Cook, and I got it for participating in Paper Chef! (my entry was a turkey fried rice with saffron.)

I can't believe how much cool stuff there's in here! And the cookbook looks amazing, too! I have to get experimenting, that's for sure.


Pippa said...

Hi Anne I have just discovered your blog and I was very interested becuse my brother has a strong connection with Sweden. I live in Australia and was interested in what you received in your spice package? Have you used any of them yet? If you need any advice or recipes I would love to send a few ideas you way!

Anne said...

Pippa, thanks so much for commenting! I need to go through the spices and the book more thourougly - it's all kinds of stuff, and everything looks very foreign. I'd be more excited to have a few ideas on how to get started! :)