Monday, January 16, 2006

Kama Truffles

Those of you that read Pille's blog, Nami-Nami, knows all about Kama already. It's an Estonian product, a sort of flour made from roasted seeds and peas. It has a very distinct taste. Pille, being the sweetheart that she is, had her parents mail me a bag from Tallinn, just so I could surprise my dad who is also Estonian. Isn't that wonderful?

I used a little of it to make Pille's Kama "truffles", made with Mascarpone, sugar, hazelnuts and a dash of liquer (I used Vana Tallinn, since it's Estonian and I happened to have some). This was served as part of a feast on Boxing Day, when my dad's part of the family always gets together. We were over 30 people this year - the cousins are all starting to have kids. I'm the youngest cousin, and no kids on my part - yet :)

These truffles were a huge hit, especially with the older generation. I liked making something with traditional flavors, but in a new form - this was really fun. And tasty? Well, it mostly tasted nutty to me, actually.

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Pille said...

Hi Anne - well, I'm very glad that your guests (esp the older generation:) liked kama truffles. And they sure look lovely on your picture!
I'm cooking for 2 friends again tomorrow night, and I think I'm gonna make some of these to nibble as well..