Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Some cool new things

I've done quite a bit of shopping lately, and that means some fun additions for my kitchen, too!

-New Espresso cups! I found these handmade, unique cups, at an arts & craft fair that I went to with my sister. I fell in love at first sight - they're not only just the right size, but they're also comfortable to hold and intensely gorgeous. The designer - Louise Fredriksson - only had two that were the same shape, but hey, I'm happy with two.

-Copper Cookie Cutter! I love cat cookie cutters, and I'm always looking for new, unique ones. This one is my favorite - it's very large, and makes beautiful cats! But this little cat's head that I found at the same fair as above will make a good second, I think. I like that it'll make a smaller cookie, and I can't wait to try it out.

-Mise en place bowls. We've changed the way we cook lately, and we try to think more in "mise en place" terms than before. This means we have to have some decent bowls, and these beautiful stainless steel bowls from Ikea certainly fits the bill! I'm excited - good organization really makes for easier cooking, and more efficient, too!


Kalyn said...

Hey, shopping! It's an activity that's truly international. I've been splurging on a few kitchen things myself!

Debbie said...

I love your journal, I'm so glad I found it... I love to cook and bake and love trying new husband is also from Stockholm Sweden.

Dagmar said...

Anne, I just love the cups! Lovely!