Monday, December 26, 2005

Mandarine Orange Salad

I made this very fast and simple dessert when my parents came over for dinner. I like that it's so festive-looking, and that it's a lot of different textures and flavors playing. The recipe is from Jamie's Kitchen, Jamie Oliver, and I've been wanting to try it for a long time. Sadly, it doesn't work that well. He says to boil a syrup from 4 tbsp water and 6 tbsp sugar (and some vanilla seeds) until it's golden brown. Well. Mine never did turn golden, but it turned thick and sticky. It was like a sheet of glass over the fruit. Very difficult to eat - but tasty. Next time, I'm just making a simple sugar syrup with vanilla, and drizzling that over it.

It's just a matter of assembly. You need nice, small mandarin oranges, about two per person. Slice them thinly and arrange on plates. Sprinkle with some finely chopped or flaked almonds. Sprinkle with herbs if you'd like - Jamie suggests mint. Drizzle over some vanilla-flavored syrup, and top with shaved chocolate just before serving.


Pille said...

Hi Anne - well, it looks lovely on the photo! Maybe the syrup would have turned golden brown if you had browned some sugar first and only then added the water and rest of the sugar? Just a thought.. I have the book back in Edinburgh, will check it out when I get back there in 2006!

Anne said...

Pille - it certainly might have worked out better that way :) Oh well, I think I'll go with a simple syrup instead next time, because the stickiness here made it really difficult to eat. But it was tasty!