Sunday, December 11, 2005

Eat Like a Genius, 2005

Yesterday, December 10th, was Nobel Day. That means the day for the annual Nobel Party, with the Nobel Prize Awards and a fabulous feast. My invitation probably got lost in the mail, but others who were there were of course all the current winners (except Harold Pinter, who was unable to attend), some of our ministers and leading politicians, some lucky university students, and our royal family.

Instead of going to this exciting event, me and Per were invited to Lena and Nico for a pre-christmas dinner. We got rice porridge (Santa-porridge, as it's called here), christmas ham, great bread, lucia-saffron buns, gingerbread cookies and glögg - traditional Swedish christmas food. More on that when I get the pictures from Lena's camera.

Anyway. We watched some of the festivities on TV instead. The food looked great! Just imagining serving 1300 guests... And this is what they got:

-Crayfish panna cotta with fennel-baked Arctic char, scallops and Norway lobster on baby lettuce

-Ptarmigan breast baked in horn of plenty mushrooms with caramelised apples, poached onions and broad beans, served with Calvados sauce and potato cake

-Lemon and yoghurt mousse with Arctic bramble marmalade, fresh raspberries and raspberry-Arctic bramble sauce

The Crayfish Panna cotta sounds intriguing. I wonder if I can get the recipe. All the Nobel menus can be found here.


Kalyn said...

Very interesting. I love the way the internet allows us to learn about these things we would never have heard about. The table settings for the banquet were amazing.

Nic said...

Fascinating! Thanks for the tip, Anne. I would not have had any idea that that information was available.

sailu said...

Anne,I should say that was an interesting piece of info I have read in recent times..amazing..:)