Friday, November 18, 2005

Eating out: Dionysos

I don’t eat out much, so you seldom see any restaurant reviews here. Also, when I do eat out, I rarely remember to take out my camera. I know, bad food blogger! Anyway. We recently ate with Lena, Nico and Micke at Dionysos, a charming greek restaurant on Södermalm, the “South Side” of Stockholm City.

It was freezing cold outside, and most places were full, including the one we had originally aimed for. Table reservations you say? No, sorry. Spur of the moment thing. So I consulted my handy Palm Pilot and my list of “restaurants to try” and realised that Dionysos should be just around the corner. We went up there and it looked very crowded. Nonetheless, we were cold and hungry, so we decided to ask. And yeah, sure, they could fit us in! The restaurant was very cosy, and looked warm and inviting.

Dionysos had a marvellous menu. Everything – and I mean everything – sounded great. In the end, three of us opted for a fixed menu, and Nico and Micke ordered a large mixed platter of different meats.

Appetizer – grilled halloumi with salad. Very tasty, I do love halloumi. I liked the presentation, too.

Main course – lamb tenderloin in a tarragon cream sauce. Absolutely spectacular, my favorite part of the meal. Yum, yum, yum!

Dessert – a chocolate cake thingy that was a bit like the Chocolate Oblivion Cake I’ve made, but frankly not as good. Really good, however, were the grapes, swimming in a light cinnamon syrup. Mm! Definitely something to try at home.

We had a nice greek red wine to go with the meal. All in all, it was a great experience, and I’d be happy to go back. I don’t remember the exact prices, but it was very reasonable. I think we ended up paying about 300 SEK per person, including the wine.

Bondegatan 56, Södermalm
08- 641 91 13


Maria said...

Vi brukar hamna där lite nu och då och jag har nog aldrig blivit besviken på maten. Du valde sambons favoriträtt till huvudrätt för övrigt, mycket mumsigt! :-)

Tanja said...

Mmmm sounds absolutely lovely! And that chocolate cake, will definetly have to try that!

Clivia said...

another great greek restaurant is Esperia on St. Paulsgatan, some blocks from Götgatan. They have lots of small dishes and me and my friends always order 4 or 5 different to share...

Pia K said...

Ja där var jag för många år sedan, och åt en väldigt god fiskrätt. Grekiskt är så gott!! Och när du skrev om halloumin så måste jag ju dit igen....:)

Kelly said...

Anne, you are the coolest. You make me want to visit Sweden so badly! I live in Athens, Georgia, in the southern US. I just read your blog from Tuesday, March 08, 2005 about Starbucks. I didn't believe my friend when he told me you don't have them there. I have heard bad things about them too, hostile corporation-wise, but it is easy to forget that when you are basking in the warmth of their coffee. I am looking forward to trying Wayne's one day, though haha.

Anne said...

Clivia - thanks for the tip! That one is actually on our to try list, too! We walked by it the other day, on our way to Happy India, and it looked very promising. :)

Pia - do go! They have the menu online, so you can check out the veggie choices.

Kelly, just come on over then! But bring me some Starbucks, ok? ;)