Thursday, November 24, 2005

The Cookbook Café

I’ve been meaning to pop into the Cookbook Café for years. Ever since it started, really. I’ve read about it, and it seemed like such a wonderful place.. yet I never really found myself in that part of town. Until recently, that is. I stopped by for a quick espresso and something to eat before a work meeting. It’s a very cute little place, inspired by “Books for Cooks” in London. It has a lovely book section, with lots of fun cookbooks for sale. There are also some very comfortable-looking arm chairs, and I’m sure you could sit down and browse for quite a while.

However, most people seemed to be there for the food. I didn’t have time for lunch, but I grabbed a cake that had banana, chocolate and coconut. Very nice, and not too sweet. It was perfect with my espresso.

The Cookbook Café is run by two sisters, and I had the chance to talk a little bit to one of them. They have just finished their first cookbook, Två Systrars Söta (Two sisters’ sweet), which has tons of recipes for great cakes, cookies and other sweet things. It’s on my Christmas wishlist for sure! The sister I talked to – I’m sorry, I don’t know which one it was – told me that they were going to be on television in a few days, and that they were excited but a bit nervous. She seemed very sweet and friendly. I really look forward to my next visit – and I hope I have time to try the food!

The Cookbook Café
Birger Jarlsgatan 76
114 20 Stockholm
Tel: 08-20 63 08


Teacher or Student said...

I love the idea of a bookstore/cafe! Wish they had one in my town.

Husmusen said...

Det måste jag testa när jag kommer hem!

Dagmar said...

I just love their cookbook, I've tried 4 recipes so far and they were all great!