Wednesday, October 26, 2005


I woke up to discover a really cool e-mail in my inbox. Or at least, very cool to me. It was from Henry Bronett, who has written one of the cookbooks on my wishlist - this one:

Henry has grown up with the circus, and his book has recipes that he's gathered from many sources. I've only leafed through it, but it looks absolutely delightful. It's clear that he loves food (at least as much as I do!) and he has some very entertaining stories to tell, too.

Apart from being a circus director, Henry has also worked as an actor, and a producer - and I mostly remember him from the Swedish soap opera "Varuhuset" ("The Department Store") which was hugely popular when I was a kid.

Anyway. Henry e-mailed to say that he was flattered to see his book on my wishlist. (Henry - not half as flattered as I am that you actually wrote me!) And then he wrote again to ask if it was ok if he linked to my blog. (Henry's blog - in Swedish - is here, and I hope he writes much more because his writing is really lovely.)

This totally made my day! :)


Pille said...

Hi Anne - I totally know how you feel! I wrote about a book called "Eat Me" in July, and was absolutely thrilled when the author left a comment on my site:)

Dagmar said...

How fun and exciting! There are probably so many people that read blogs but never leave a trace...

farmgirl said...

Congratulations, Anne! : )