Friday, October 28, 2005

Friday Afternoon Coffee at Fridhem

If you happen to be out driving between Katrineholm and Flen, I heartily recommend a stop at an old coffee-house that happens to be right there - Fridhem. (Translates to the very pretty Peace-Home.) My mom and I were there a while ago when we dropped Ywette off at her new boyfriend's place. We had just passed Katrineholm, and were starting to get hungry. We were making dinner when we would get home, so we couldn't stop for proper food, and the idea of a gas station hot dog was not very appealing. Luckily, Fridhem appeared!

Fridhem is beautiful. Inside, it's very cosy. They have chairs and tables outside, but it's getting a bit cold for that. I bet it's lovely in the summer time! They serve coffee - excellent coffee, I might add - out of a copper pot. So pretty. I love it. We were wanting something to go with the coffee though, and while everything looked nice (they had apple cake, cinnamon buns, chocolate cake...) we spotted a small sign that said "waffles with whipped cream and jam", and were decided in a heartbeat. Waffles. Yes, thanks. Waffles.

The waffle was amazing. Never had better. If I'm on that same road again, I'm definitely going back.


Pia K said...

Looks fantastic, I'll definately try it out when driving around those parts:)

Have a great day,

IndyFoodie said...

That is so charming! It looks like it has a nice garden too!

Nerissa said...

I just found your blog spot. Seems very charming. I'll be checking it out more now.

What an adorable looking place, this Fridhem! The food looks just scrumptious too. Not that I'll get anywhere near Sweden any time soon as I am in Canada. I'll just have to dream about those waffles. mmmm...