Sunday, August 14, 2005

A huge bar of chocolate

A couple of weeks ago, we went to Gröna Lund. Gröna Lund, or Grönan as it's generally called, is an amusement park on Djurgården in Stockholm. It's been a summer tradition for as long as I can remember - I don't go absolutely every year, but most years. Great fun! I love the rollercoaster - but Per gets sick from most other rides so we usually don't ride a lot of things. However, there's also tons of tombola wheels and lotteries.

And I won.

Glinda, showing the proportions.

Behold the chocolate bar of doom. Look at how HUGE that is! Two kilos! Of lovely Schweizernöt - Swiss Nut, god knows who thought of that name, but it's a delicious creamy milk chocolate studded with toasted hazelnut pieces.

Ok, it's not really just one bar - it's twenty small bars. But it's still a truckload of chocolate. Not very good for baking (I tried making a chocolate mousse using my trusty recipe, but it didn't set well and came out almost chewy! Eww!) so I'll just have to eat it all.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Danielle said...

My favorite chocolate. I am jealous! ... in a good way really.


Moira said...

You're not kidding that's a lot of chocolate! I'd like to feel bad for you that you have to eat it all straight, instead of cooking with it, but I just can't muster it up. ;-) I'm quite jealous, too.

sofia said...

Oh, I would not have any problems eating all of that! In fact, I envy you! :) It's my favorite chocolate too!

Anonymous said...

I just saw someone using chocolate candy bars wrapped in flour tortillas with coconut and marshmallows and whatever else sounds good sorry, I've forgotten), then wrapped in foil and heated on a BBQ. Could be fun to experiment with and should work in the oven, too. Love your blog.