Sunday, July 17, 2005

The food was a nice bonus.

Today I will continue to tell you about some of the very nice food I had the privilege to eat during my stay at Il Poggio in Celle sul Rigo a small village in Tuscany, Italy

This was our Sunday dinner; first we got served a small omelet with spinach in a salted waffle standing in on a pecorino cheese sauce as the antipasto. The salted waffle was so thin and crispy, the omelet was a regular omelet with some spinach, I am not too fond of spinach but it was really tasty together with the waffle and the cheese sauce. The creamy and flavorful pecorino cheese sauce was the thing that gave this course its twist. This pecorino cheese was a product of the Il Poggio farm another thing I had to buy and take back with me to Sweden. If you have not tried pecorino cheese, give it a chance, it is has kind of a salty exceptional taste full of flavor more so than parmesan.

The primo was a wonderful risotto in saffron sauce served with black truffle. The golden yellow risotto was really creamy and had a rich taste from saffron and cream. The truffle taste was strong and earthy and worked in nice harmony with the risotto. This was definitely one of my favorites during the week, I can still close my eyes and taste it.

The main course, the segundo had a rather dull appearance but an exquisite taste. It was veal slow cooked with aromatic herbs and served with grilled eggplant and cheese. The meat was so tender it almost melted when you put it your mouth it had a rich flavor of several herbs including thyme, bay leaf and a hint of garlic so even though it had a grayish look not to colorful look it was memorable.

To the risotto and the veal we had a red vine. To be more precise it was a Chianti classico, Fonterutoli from 2003. It worked perfectly especially with the risotto but it was also nice together with the veal. It had a ruby red color and a soft fruity taste with touch of vanilla and oak.

The Sunday dinner finale was a mint parfait with white chocolate sauce and strawberries. Mmmm... so good! Both the parfait and the white chocolate sauce had a wonderful soft texture, making it feel like I was eating the finest silk. The parfait had a nice light green color and a fresh strong taste of mint. The white chocolate sauce was oh, so tasty but oh, so sweet, it was ok though since the parfait wasn’t that sweet at all.

By now I guess you are all thinking, did she go to Italy only to indulge in food and vine? No not at all actually, as I told you the food was included in the hotel reservation and it was just a nice bonus to the trip. So why did I go? Well the purpose of the trip was to do some horse back riding in the beautiful Tuscan country side. You see this place do not only have a hotel with a nice gourmet restaurant and a farm making it its own ham, cheese and olive oil it is also have a very nice riding center. Hmm.. I’m beginning to sound like an advertising ad for the place, sorry. Any way I had a very nice memorable time riding in the country side, I just loved it and I have to go again some time

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