Friday, June 10, 2005

More about Paris - Pierre Hermé

The main reason we went to Paris was to celebrate my birthday. And for a birthday - you need a cake. Sure, I made the Nigella cake when I got back, but I wanted something actually on my birthday too. And what better than something from Pierre Hermé? One of the best pastry chefs in the world, and I've been salivating reading posts about him from fellow bloggers. Finally, the time had come. We found our way there easily enough, and stood mesmerized by the offerings. I finally decided that chocolate was the way to go (as it so often is) and chose the Plenitude. It's a chocolate mousse dome, covered in chocolate and some more chocolate. And I think there were some hazelnuts in there, too. The chocolate flakes on top were SALTY - an unexpected and tasty twist. In all, it was delicious. Per had something I can't remember the name of - it had pistachios and strawberries, and was also very yummy. Sadly, it fell over before I had a chance to take a picture. There's no space in the shop to eat your goodies, so we ventured into the park across the street. Judging from the number of Pierre Hermé boxes in the trashcans, we were not the first to do this. Smartly, we had hoarded the spoons from a previous day's visit to a Häagen-Dazs shop, so we could enjoy our goodies without making too much of a mess of ourselves.

We also tried a few of the macarons, ah, what a glorious cookie! I really want to try my hand at making them myself now - it can't be *that* hard. We had one kind with salted butter caramel and then the one pictured above, which had passionfruit and a milk chocolate filling. Delicious! And gorgeous, isn't it?


dilek said...

I hope one day I will try Pierre Hermé desserts:)I was jealous about your expirence:)
A little bit late but "Happy Birthday"

Mel said...

Chocolate is always the correct choice. :-) I've linked to you in one of my latest posts, just thought I'd let you know.

Great blog!

Alice said...

Det som ett synnerligen klokt födelsedagstårtsval. Grattis i efterskott.